The MiHeart Solution

A multi-platform medical software solution designed to be used exclusively by Adult Congenital Heart Disease patients (ACHD) and specialist clinicians.

The Mi Heart solution consists of several components (Clinical Portal and Smart Phone app) that work in unison to provide a near real-time patient-clinician interface allowing on-going care and patient-specialist communications to be provided outside of the clinical environment.


Medical History

Allows clinicins to see the level of well-being, accuracy of medication taking, patients vital statistics and any changes to personal details.

Home Interface

Intuitive navigation helps patient manage their condition by allowing them to access important information about their condition, history and interactions with the clinical team.

Patient Information

Keeps a record of upcoming appointments with regular reminders as well as the ability to be able to cancel and rebook appointments.


A comprehensive list of patients prescribed medications with medication compliance alerts and reminders and quantity of dose.

Vital Statistics

Allows for regular updates of vital statistics including weight, blood pressure, blood O2, temperature, pulse and patient well-being.


Pacemker informaiton is complex and wide-ranging, MiHeart carries the latest up-to-date information on device type, configuration and patient specific settings.

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