MiHeart is an Adaptive Care Communication Platform allowing efficient communication of symtoms, appointments, vital statistics and medication between patients and their care team. MiHeart helps patients to manage their own healthcare plans whilst living normal lives and facilites clinicians to remote monitor and react instantly to changes in their patients wellbeing.

A simple login feature allows patients to access their MiHeart account where they are able to access their care plan and personal details, message their care team, upload vital statistics and take control of their appointments.

The app dashboard is easy to navigate and provides intuitive access to the 8 top most useful patient features. The app contains all pertinent patient details to help them manage their day to day condtion and interactions with their care team.

MiHeart dashboard

Clinicians have instant access to important up-to-date patient information uploaded by the app. Clinical workflow and identification of potential problems is supported by  dynamic alerts triggered by pre-defined changes in individual patient criteria.

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