Adaptive Care Communication Platform

MiHeart is an Adaptive Care Communication Platform that allows efficient communication of symtoms, appointments, vital statistics and medication as well as many others.  Patients are reminded to manage their own healthcare plans whilst living normal lives, allowing clinicians to remote monitor and react instantly to any changes in wellbeing.

Kevin Mashford

Kevin Mashford CEO

Kevin Mashford is our Chief Executive Officer and very much at the heart of MIHeart. Born with Congenitally Corrected Transposition of the Greater Arteries, Pulmonary Stenosis and a large VSD.

Kevin has had six major reconstructive heart operations as well as countless procedures including pacemakers, defibrillators, ablations, cardioversions, Kevin was in heart failure for many years and in May 2103 underwent a Heart Transplant at The Freeman Hospital Newcastle. It is Kevin's vision that MiHeart can be used internationally by clinicians and patients with heart disease to manage and take a pro-active approach to being well and making the necessary hospital visits a more efficient and safer process.


Milan Bates

Milan Bates, MD, FRCS, Associate Specialist In Cardiothoracic Surgery

Milan is a Surgeon focused on innovative aspect of the surgery, innovating new products and novel methods together with NHS and industry.

He is the lead expert in medical robotics for the British Standard Institute focused on surgical robots and their safety, expert for I.S.O ; I.E.C and F.D.A (Joint Working Group) and holder of several patents and patents pending including cutting edge medical advances such as Novel Tracheal dressing and Development of the pump for Treatment of Deep Vein Insufficiency.


Jason Wilkes

Jason Wilkes, BSc

As Technical Director, Jason was responsible for the technical design, development and implementation of the MiHeart solution. With a comprehensive and wide-ranging background in digital strategy and solution architecture design.

Jason evolved the design and technical specification of the MiHeart solution by employing a patient / clinician centric approach to the user interface design of both the clinical dashbaord and the patient smartphone applications.

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